PC-MOS/386 v5.01 final release including cdrom driver sources

This is the initial release of PC-MOS/386 v5.01; the latest released version.
This tree:

- includes sources
- includes the executables
- includes the cdrom driver from Rod Roark (sources)
- maybe more
- does atm NOT include the borland compiler/tools — not sure if releasing them here is OK. (will have to find out — else I will document it all for you)

See also….. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PC-MOS/386

In concert with Gary Robertson and Rod Roark it has been decided to place all under GPL v3. This does only apply to the PC-MOS/386/The Software Link inc/CDROM code. Does not apply for helper files that are included and publically available.

The C compiler and linker et al can be downloaded from several places. Giving the age of the compiler tools I think it’s not a problem to add it. And if it’s a problem (1998….) I will remove the files.

The PC-MOS386 v5.01 API itself has been documented in Ralf Brown’s interrupt list.


(and yes my name is still in the book as well…)



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