10 way Battery Condition Monitor

This is a unit that can monitor 10 single cells or 10 battery packs and print data in graphs on excel.
I was asked if i could come up with a way to measure and test multiple cells or battery packs for battery manufacturers to be able to test their batteries for research purposes, The unit that they had available could only do one battery at a time and it took 2 to 4 hours to complete the tests and a machine that could do more batteries cost around R 40 000 (South African Rand) So i set out to make life a bit easier and also realized that this unit is very useful for testing different types of batteries for my hobby R/C stuff so i can determine the best batteries to use for my ‘toys’ ?

I made use of 10 INA219 current sensors to do my individual measurements, now if you look on the adafruit web site you will see they tell you that you can only add 4 of this units to one micro-controller’s I2C line because of the addressing but its actual more like 20. If you read the INA219 IC Datasheet they explain how to change the Hex addresses just by moving and connecting different wires between GND, VCC, SCL and SDA, luckily i have made it easy for you and i uploaded the connections you have to make on the INA219 breakout board to make it easy for you.”


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