Small Variable Power Supply

There are plenty of power supplies available on the Instructables. Compared to the others, this one is:
Small size and compact
Simple, made of modules and parts ready to use
No special tools necessary

Parameters are following:
Input voltage AC 230V (or 110V - transformer dependant)
Output voltage DC 0 to 30V, adjustable by precision 10 turn potentiometer
Output current max DC 3A
Current limit adjustable roughly from 0.1 to 3A with LED indication
Digital panel meters for voltage and current measurement
Dimensions 20cm x 17.6cm x 7cm

I have made some power supplies for my electronic bench in the past. Their parameters are lower than 20V and 1A, so new one is big improvement. As a main module used, is Hiland low cost power supply module, delivered in kit. Finding this kit on the market I decided to purchase it without any intention. Hiland module was lying in my bench a few month and finally I decided to play with it and test it. This kit is high quality, reliable with good parameters and therefore become inspiration for this project.”


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