mbed OS 5.6.3 released

We are pleased to announce the mbed OS 5.6.3 release is now available. This is the latest patch release based on the feature set introduced by Mbed-OS-5.6

This patch release includes new target support for the SILICA_SENSOR_NODE.

We have included an update of the uVisor to v0.31.0. This provides a new static debug box, along with some stability enhancements.

There is an update of the u-blox ODIN-W2 binaries to 2.2 rc1, bringing a fix for a major issue, where a new instance of the OdinWiFiInterface manipulates the system event queue, in such a way that a previous configuration is lost (5211). It also contains an update for RED compliance.

We have added bootloader support for Lpc1768, NUCLEO_F446RE and K66F. We’ve also added exporter support for the NUCLEO_L486RG.

In Mbed OS 5.6.2 there was an issue where the default lwIP pbuf pool size was configured to be too small to hold a single DTLS handshake flight, thus causing some connections to fail during the handshaking phase. We have now made this user configurable by adding pbuf-pool-size, pbuf-pool-bufsize and mem-size to the mbed_lib json file for the lwIP interface.

To further improve our code quality, we have increased our test coverage, adding:

Functional Wifi tests
A low power timer test
Timer class test
Rtostimer tests
For full details of this and previous releases, please visit our releases page.”


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