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This project uses a Wemos D1 mini to control a robot. In it’s current state it is little more than a remote controlled “car” on a robot chassis.
I am using MQTT from the robot to the display and controller for status updates. The remote uses UDP to send commands to the robot.
The remote is also a D1 mini with a OLED screen, and 5 way toggle switch.
The display is a ESP8266 with OLED on board (Sometimes called a D-duino, the one I’m using has a 18650 battery connector on the back, and Sits nicely as a desktop display). The screen is bigger than the remote control screen, so it makes it a little nicer to see the information - but it pretty much displays the same information the remote control does.
It should be noted that right now I am using a public MQTT broker, and that can be slow. Plans are to add a raspberry pi running a private broker later.”

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