Refrigerator Checker

Do you have the trouble on determining the function of a refrigerator? Yes we are suffering too!That is why we build a refrigerator checker!
When the moment you open your refrigerator and all you saw is the rotten meat and ruined vegetables? We are suffering the same problem! That is why we build the refrigerator checker to help with the problem. The main components we use are Arduino Uno, DS18B20 temperature sensor and a LED Module to build the refrigerator saver. Base on the component, you probably already guests it is a thermometer. How does it work? Put it into your refrigerator, it will display a thumbs up when the temperature is below 14 degree celsius which is the suitable temperature to store food. It will also display a snowflakes to show that it is below 0 degree celsius which is the temperature of freezer. Moreover, the LED module will also display a thumbs down when the temperature is above 14 degree celsius which cause most of the food to spoil. At first, we need to prepare all the components and start arrange it with the schematics.”


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