Tiny Wearable 8-bit VT100 Console

Arduino Uno-powered terminal emulator on a tiny 1”x1” TFT screen To enter command-line tasks on Mac/Linux/Windows we use a text console window. But back in the old days there was no window display at all, and the text console was actually a dedicated box with a CRT screen that would connect to the main computer over the wire - a terminal or TTY.I decided to build one of those using modern parts like the Arduino and make it as tiny as I can: Would be cool to build a wearable wrist device for badass cyberpunk hackers!There are several AVR-based terminal emulator projects, but I found difficulty adapting them to my display, a one-inch-square TFT based on the ILI9163C chipset. So I decided to hack together my own VT100 command parser and renderer, with intention to keep the code tidy, clear and extensible. I am also experimenting with fun techniques like sub-pixel rendering to show more text on screen: currently, the 128 pixel width manages to display up to 64 characters across (2 pixels per character!).”


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