SSD1306 OLED Display Driver for BeagleBone

Today, we can see a lot of products using the OLED display technology such as TV’s, cell phones etc. A very common example I can give you is the smartwatches and fitness bands. One such display is the SSD1306. The SSD1306 is small, consumes less power and has a crisp display.

The SSD1306 along with the BeagleBone is a great option for those who are looking for a high processing capacity with a small and low-cost display. However, If one is looking to develop an HMI for industrial applications, then the Touch Screen Displays by 4D Systems is a great option.

The cost of 4D touchscreen displays are slightly expensive but is well suited for controlling machines. I have shown how to use these displays with the BeagleBone using Qt in my previous posts. To know more, you can start from here.”


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