I’ve built a little windmill that powers a music box. I set it up in front of my workshop, where it was entertaining the entire neighborhood. People really seemed to like it - quite many took photos of it with their smartphones and spent long time watching it and listening to it. Unfortunately one person liked it a bit too much and stole it during one night.

The windmill is built out of a couple of 3D printed parts and some soft plastic sheet material. The construction is relatively easy to replicate, so I decided to make a whole bunch of them, which will be shown as a large public art installation at KIKK Festival 2017.

Since I was already into mass manufacturing windmills during the past weeks, I also thought that it would be nice to have a new one for my street in order to replace the stolen one. When I was building that new windmill, I filmed myself and made a how-to video. If you also want to have such a charming device, you can now either visit my street at night and steal my new windmill (and make me sad) - or you can watch the video and make your own, which would actually make me happy!”


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