Build a Rover with Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing Dev Board to monitor temperature,humidity, gas readings and upload them to Cayenne for reference.
This is a great weekend robotics project you can undertake, using the Sparkfuns ESP8266 thing dev board as the brain of the prototype, which host the code for the web application which is used to drive the motor and post sensor data to Cayenne. For the rover base I am using MakeBlock kit and Sparkfuns motor driver connected to the two motors.
As part of the demo video above, I am posting temperature, humidity and Gas sensor values to the Cayenne IoT platform. Cayenne by is a great IoT solution and is the worlds first drag-and-drop IoT Project Builder, which enables customers to bring IoT projects from prototype to mass production, this means it is also great for hobby projects like this one, which can be scaled to an industrial application to monitor spaces on the factory floor, which are hard to get or not habitable. The icing on the cake! is that recently myDevices has added support for ESP8266, which makes its super easy to integrate as part of your code using the MQTT library which you can find at And as part of the web application as you see in the screenshot below, I have a button to upload data to Cayenne when the Cayenne button is hit, but you could modify the code below to post data every couple of minutes to Cayenne based on your use case.”


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