Smart Plug with details monitoring (temperature, current, voltage, energy), control (automatic, manual, voice, proximity) and notification.


Smart plug is a home automation device and is a hot new thing. Several types of smart plug are available in the market but they are quit expensive. Besides, as a hobbyist I always like to make my own thing and I thing you are same.

Generally smart plugs are compact device and plug into traditional wall sockets, upgrading them with remote control, scheduling, and power usage monitoring via smartphone apps.

In this tutorial I will show you how I build my smart plug using ESP8266 wifi module which has the following features:

- Local and Remote Control - The device is made based on Cayenne and you can easily on/off the plug using Cayenne smartphone app or Cayenne Web app.
- Motion Control - You can automatically on/off the plug with your presence and can enable or disable the option from Cayenne app.
- Voice Control - You can turn on or off the plug by using Alexa voice assistant.
- Power Scheduling – Easily create on/off schedules for your devices and you can easily set the timer from Cayenne app.
- Thermal Protection – A built-in temperature sensor will automatically turn off overheating appliances and notify you through SMS or E-mail.
- Details Monitoring - Using Cayenne app you can easily monitor voltage, current, temperature and state of the plug (either it is on or off).
- Energy Usage Statistics – You can monitor power consumption of connected devices and get notified.

Preparing Cayenne Dashboard

You may wonder why I am setting dashboard first before any programming and hardware setup. I first want to determine the parameters I like to monitor and control and as well as like the set the channel for every widget before programming. Because it would be required during programming. For this reason I am preparing the Cayenne environment first.

I added two Value Display Widgets for displaying Current and Temperature. To add Value Display Widget follow the screenshot below.”


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