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This is a combination weather station and reminder. We can all check the weather on our phones, but sometimes and especially when one is trying to get out the door all that is needed is a quick way to the weather conditions. This weather station supplies a quick visual of current conditions: sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowing, the temperature and a brief note. Additionally, a motion-activated sensor triggers a scrolling display that offers up a helpful message: “mask + keys”

Description: This station is built in Arduino and combines IoT (Internet of Things) feeds and triggers. There are four main displays and one motion sensor.

Display 1: Weather conditions light up neopixels behind a stencil of a sun, clouds, rain drops and snowflakes. This is a purely visual display.
Display 2: high temperature for the day on a 7 segment display.
Display 3: brief note from Remember the Milk (ex. “we need dog food”) on an OLED display
Display 4: motion triggered reminder not to forget mask and keys across 3 alphanumeric displays.

(1) Feather Huzzah board
(1) 7 segment feather matrix
(3) quad alphanumeric featherwing displays - blue
(1) OLED feather display 128x64
(1) Mini PIR motion sensor SR 505
(1) 10k Ohm resistor
(4-5) solid core wire
(multi) breadboard wires(male-male)
(3) breadboard wires (female-female)
(1) breadboard
(2) headers (for OLED display)
(1) male header pin - minimum 3 header pins
(1) a/c adaptor 5.25vdc 1A
(1) usb micro B to usb A cable (note must not be just power only)
(optional) USB cable with Switch
(1) 1 meter neopixel RGBW strip
(1) paper printed circuit board 10x22cm
(1) 8×8 shadow box
60/40 lead rosin-core solder
solder wick
soldering iron
helping hands soldering stand
wire snips
wire strippers
(multi) heat shrink tubing
glue gun
Dremel tool
(various) cardboard, paper, ping pong balls and translucent materials to diffuse the neopixels. black core matboard or black construction paper
additional tools to gather: ruler, hobby knife, cutting mat, safety glasses, rugged snips (like kitchen shears).

precision flat pliers “

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