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Build Your Own GSM Security Calls Alert

Unleash security with a cloud-free marvel! Motion detection meets instant calls. DIY your fortress using ESP8266, GSM800L & PIR sensor.

Imagine a world where you’re alerted instantly without relying on the cloud. With a simple DIY project, you can secure your home, automate your surroundings, or protect your car from theft. By harnessing the power of the ESP8266, GSM800L, PIR motion sensor, and a Tripler adapter, you’re about to embark on a journey to create a cloud-free smart solution that combines motion detection and call alerts.

Components Used:
ESP8266 D1 mini: The brains behind our project, this microcontroller processes motion sensor data and manages the calls alerts.
PIR Motion Detector: Our electronic “guard dog, ” this sensor detects movement and triggers our security system.
GSM800L Module: The communicator of our system, this module makes a call alert when motion is detected.
GSM800L Module Pinout:

VCC: Connect to 5V power supply.

GND: Connect to the ground (GND) of D1 mini.

TXD: Connect to the RX (receive) pin (D6) on the D1 mini.

RXD: Connect to the TX (transmit) pin (D7) on the D1 mini.

A SMcard: For making the calls”

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