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One ringtwo robots enteronly one will be victorious! Mini-sumo robots are an excellent way to show kids that science and engineering can be fun and exciting!
Designed with education in mind, I created the open source ‘SimpleSumo’ platform to lower the barrier to entry into the robot sport of mini-sumo. (A tame version of Battlebots.)
These robots are easy enough to understand and build that kids can get started quickly, but they also offer great depth through Mr-potato-head-style mechanical customization and Arduino programming.
This instructable will walk you through the assembly and programming process for a SimpleSumo robot kit. It will also introduce you to the essentials of the mini-sumo sport and provide notes to aid scientific discussion in the classroom.(Also note my related instructable detailing options for making a mini-sumo battle ring).
Before getting started I’ll note a couple things. These toys are intended for small groups, ages 10+. Assembly takes ~1hr and requires minimal tool use and absolutely no soldering or breadboarding. Adult supervision is suggested for students who are younger than high school level.
Complete robot kits are available here, or you can try to print and gather everything yourself from scratch using the 3d printable files & bill of materials provided step 3. If you do so please respect the file sharing licence. (That is, you can do anything but resell the robots or designs.)
This instructable is a complete stand alone assembly document, but if you would prefer to follow along with a video, please see the video series.”

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