SEB the Arduino Guide Bot

Hello everyone! Today we’ll be building a seeing eye robot aka SEB. SEB is used for leading visually impaired people. SEB can be used as a replacement for guide dogs, for it is less expensive and requires less care to run SEB.
I have been working on SEB for about 2 and a half years now, and I’m finally ready to share my experience. I taught myself how to solder, breadboard, and program on Arduino sketch with this project, when I started I was 11 years old and only had experience with Lego Mind-storms, I say that to say, that anyone can build SEB as long as you have to focus and motivation. I have configured this version of SEB to keep to soldering minimal. That makes this project perfect for a beginner.
Before we start let me introduce myself, my name is Destinie I am 14 years old, and I love building robots especially the type that help people like SEB. I have been fascinated with science and engineering since I can remember and have been building robots for about 4 years.
Also, I recommend reading the entire instructable before purchasing parts.
I’ve put a lot of hard work into making SEB and this instructable, and I am entering it into the contest on this website called “make it move.” Please vote for SEB! Thanks! :)
Without further ado let’s get started!”


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