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TerraControl V3.0 - ESP8266 + BLYNK

Hey guys,
after few months of playing with ESP8266 I finally got new version of TerraControl I’m satisfied with and willing to share with you. Some of you might notice I’m skipping version 2.0…that’s because that version was using mostly the old code with few additions but it was still messy as hell. Thanks to Blynk I was able to cut over 600 rows of code to 100 rows of much simple code!
What’s changed?
Little adjustments is the physical connections. Mainly because of the DHT sensor which could not be connected while booting up in the old version. It is all fixed now and no power blackout will mess with your settings.No ESP8266 WebServer. Which is a good thing, trust me on this.Total control via Blynk app. From anywhere in the world, you can control anything you want. I know this might sound as an advertisement, but I really grew to like Blynk.Much more possibilities - whole household connected and controllable/monitored via one app.”

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