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Propagator Thermostat Using ESP8266/NODEMCU And Blynk

I recently bought a heated propagator, which should help to get my flower and vegetable seeds germinating earlier in the season. It came without a thermostat. And because thermostats are quite expensive, I decided to make my own. As I wanted to use this opportunity to play around a bit with Blynk, I based my thermostat on a ESP8266/NodeMCU development board that I had lying around.
For previous projects, I used sites like a lot for inspiration and help whenever I got stuck. No more than fair to make a small contribution myself, so here is my first instructable ever!
Disclaimer: This project works on AC 230V which is quite dangerous and anything wrong may kill you. I cannot be held responsible for any damages, injuries or loss of life. Make this at your own risk!”

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