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Office Clock using RaspberryPi

Digital office clock, also displaying interior and exterior temperatures, made with RaspberryPi Zero W and a 16x16 Led Matrix Screen.

Ever hated the fact that you have to walk to the thermostat to see if the room temperature is good enough, or that you have to do 5 different swipe gestures on your phone to get to the weather app, just to find out if you need to wear a jacket or only a t-shirt when you want to go outside? This solution unifies these things into one small and fun project, where you get all the data you want at a single glance.

The clock has two views: the “digital clock” and a “temperatures” view where it displays the current interior temperature retrieved by the DHT11 sensor and the weather at the current location parsed from the IP address of the connection (if it exists). If the clock can’t parse any of the two temperatures, it will display two dashes as a placeholder.”

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