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Wearable Infrared thermometer with Bluetooth connectivity.

Its was my wish to make something with Nordic Dongle, unfortunately I did not made. When I get these kits from Nordic team during CES event, I promise them I make something with this for sure one day.

And finally the day came after seeing the “Advance Wearable” contest I decided to use the dongle here as a wearable device.

Wearable Thermometer
I think the IR thermometer reached everyone hands and used widely due to the pandemic situation.

Its not surprise to see any guy with wearing gloves and holding the thermometer.

But I want to surprise the same guy with this “Wearable Thermometer Gloves “

Since its a wearable, I made the design very simple with Nordic dongle by adding only Non-contact Infrared temperature sensor from Melaxis MXL90614. I tried to use the existing RGB LED’s on dongle for user notification. To make it simple I have used SPST Titt switch for sensing hand rotation/movements. Planned to use BUZZER but did not because want to make this design for low power so that the Glove can be powered with simple coin cell. In my case I have used special 3.2V rechargeable battery.

I used IAR workbench for development. Download the required software, tools and SDK from Nordic website. As 1st step I started with sensor interface, the challenging thing is to port the DK examples to dongle. Editing the sdk_config.h was bit not easy with current setup. I did not find any way to see the uart logs. Directly I integrated into BLE blinky example code and read the sensor data over GATT and it worked. The sensor was reading the ambient and object temperature.

Finally made some logic to blend with my requirements. Other end I have created my own Android app to read the data from GATT server. And made some nice UI to display the temperature and alerts on screen.”

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