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A wearable which accurately monitors your sitting posture and activities using machine learning and alerts you.

Before COVID19 people had to do some physical activity willingly or unwillingly in their normal life activities. For example they had to commute to schools, offices or business places. During the COVID19 many people have changed their lifestyle. Most of them have started working remotely from home with restricted physical activities. Also, in schools or offices you have to maintain your sitting postures but at home you are free to seat or lay in any posture at your own comfort or out of laziness while working. The lack of activities and bad postures are posing severe health issues in the long run. The major problem is the spinal pain caused by the poor sitting posture on the office chair. In this project I have built a proof of concept for an activity and posture monitoring and alert wearable device which tells the user their activities or idleness and alert in time to make them active or ask to correct the posture. I will try my best to provide step by step instructions if anybody wants to recreate the project.

Setup Development Environment
I am using a MacOS for the development. First we need to download nRF connect for Desktop from here: The nRF Connect for Desktop is a cross-platform tool that enables testing and development with nRF5340. Please follow the installation guide in the link above. After installation open the app and click on the Toolchain Manager to install nRF Connect SDK.”

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