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DIY (NO PCB) LED matrix glasses using 3mm LEDs!

LED Matrix glasses made with discrete 3mm LEDs using their leads as the matrix frame.

I started working on this project out of nowhere and a little over 2 days later I had my own LED matrix glasses. It took a whole night to dry the epoxy glue mixed with black fabric color but, if I had some quick black epoxy the project was just a one-night project. If I go back and redo this project I will not use magnet wire for connections 😢 very bad decision!

This is one of the projects that I am very proud of because it required a lot of engineering and creativity at the same time. The first task was to devise a way to hold the LEDs in place at a specific distance (matrix) and the engineer inside kicked in to use graph paper and a piece of cardboard to create a perfect LED matrix. Then I used old spectacles frame and created these beautiful matrix glasses around them.”

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