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ArcadeHID - Multi-HID Arcade Interface

If you are an arcade enthusiast you surely know how important is to have the right peripheral for the right game.
Genuine arcade controls are not plug-and-play, and special interfaces are needed to convert user inputs into something PC’s can recognize and handle. There are a lot of commercial products to choose from, and sometimes it could be difficult to make the right choice.
In this Instructable I will show you how easy it is to interface most common Arcade peripherals to Arduino, expecially with the use of this simple shield: ArcadeHID.
I will also share with you a link to have ArcadeHID’s printed circuit board manufactured at PCBWay, who kindly sponsored it.
Let’s do that!

ArcadeHID - What Is It?
If you are facing a new arcade project, the first question to answer is: which interface board should I use?

There are literally dozens of commercial interfaces out there, an this makes difficult to orient yourself in the selection of the right one. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single interface capable of handling most arcade peripheral? :)

Well, this interface is out there since 2012 and is called Arduino Leonardo.

What makes Arduino Leonardo the right choice for arcade projects is:

- it can handle both digital and analog inputs

- It can natively emulate all human interface devices (HID) software emulators asks for to play: keyboards, mouse and joypads (no more need for joypad-keyboard-mouse hacks!)

- There are tons of libraries and examples to help you writing your code. You don’t need to be a coder to write an Arduino sketch for Arcade use!

Ok, nice, but you didn’t answer to the main question: what is ArcadeHID?

ArcadeHID is a very simple Arduino shield for arduino pro-micro, but also a collection of simple code pieces that in my intentions will help simplify the realization of any DIY arcade project, also by helping to break down the psychological barrier most Arcaders have when face-to-face with the “mistique of coding”.

You can have your ArcadeHID manufactured directly from PCBWay at THIS LINK (PCBWay): select your favourite color, place the order, source components, get it delivered to you, assemble it and have fun with your new arcade project!!”

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