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Arduino OLED Spectrum Analyzer

Today I am make an Arduino OLED Spectrum Analyzer its work with 0 to 3.3v Analog input. This is very smooth and clear Visualization of audio frequencies. This is very important to make an audio spectrum analyser for DVD Music player, IPod, MP3 player and other Music player not only its look good it also represents any kind of music. You can make a box to fit it and attached in car or anywhere you want but I make just simple in breadboard. Note: This project is only for simple audio device, a Real Spectrum Analyser devices are use in Microwave signal, Radar Signal, Dish Antenna Signal, Cable frequencies Signal, etc. Do not try to use for these proposes your Arduino will burn or crash and it cause permanently Damage. In this blog you are learning about a Arduino Spectrum Analyzer which follows:

>>SSD1306 Oled Display
>>Needed Parts
>>Libraries in we need to use
>>Super Easy Breadboard connection
>>Complete Code”

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