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The pandemic COVID-19 outbreak forced companies to continue with work-from-home policy to maintain social distancing and for business continuity. More and more of us are working from home these days, and that means your home’s WiFi networks are more important than ever.
Anyone with a fixed-line connection will know that their WiFi drops whenever the power goes out. It is annoying if you are in an important meeting/webinar through Zoom, WebEx, or MS-Team, and there is an interruption due to power cuts.
Solutions :
1. Using a conventional UPS ( Bulky and Costly )
2. Mini-UPS ( Light and Cheap ) I have already posted Instructables on DIY Mini UPS, but I have received so much feedback for making a UPS that can be run by using the power bank.
In this Instructable, I will guide you on how to make a mini UPS for your Router that can run by using the power bank.
Video Tutorial:

1. Light Weight ( 80 grams )
2. Output: 9V / 12V - 1.5A
3. Back up time depends on power bank capacity
5. Output Voltage Display for setting 9V or 12V
6. 3D Printed Enclosure

Components Required :
1. Boost Converter Module - LM2587S
2. 0.28” Voltmeter Display
3. DC Jack - Male
4. DC Jack - Female
5. Rocker Switch
6. 12V Relay
7. Diode- 1N5822
8. Resistor- 330 Ohm
9. Resistor - 580Ohm
10. Red LED
11. Green LED
12. Heatshrink Tube
13. 22 AWG Wire

Tools Used :
1.Soldering Iron
2. Hot Glue Gun
3. Wire Cutter
4. Wire Stripper
5. 3D Printer
6. Hot Air Gun”

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