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Simple project that uses a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and an Arduino in order to read data from sensors and display it on a flask website.

Imagine what life would be like without our inanimate green friends.. Flowers, beyond the fact that they are excellent items for decoration of various environments, are actual stress reducers and nature maintainers ( producing oxygen through photosynthesis).

We all know how busy the modern life of a programmer can get, especially with the chaotic schedules the pandemic times brought upon us, therefore we thought of automating the process of checking how ‘healthy’ a plant is at the current moment of time.This small project is all about monitoring a flower using a soil moisture sensor and a DHT 11 temperature & humidity sensor. A buzzer is also included since ‘singing’ to flowers is scientifically proven to accelerate their growth.

Once started, a Python server runs continuously on the Raspberry Pi 3 that hosts a website on which an user can see the parameters of the followed sensors.”

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