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This DIY device is for vibrotactile stimulation and consists of 8 vibration modules and a NodeMCU controller. The frequency, vibration duration, and other settings can be adjusted using a web browser through WIFI. It can be built for less than $20 (access to a 3D printer required).

This device does not have a specific designated use, so it can be used for any purpose of your choice. The initial settings are set to zero, and you will need to adjust them through a graphical interface to your own values.

Please note that this device was built by a hobbyist for personal use only and has not been tested to meet any safety standards or requirements. The code running on the controller may also contain bugs.

The software is likely to be more valuable since it can work with a variety of similar devices. In contrast, the hardware was assembled using whatever materials were available and may require a significant amount of effort to put together, including soldering and gluing. Additionally, the parts used may not be ideal, and I provide some suggestions for improvement throughout the document.”

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