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Smart RGB Lamp Controlled Via ESP NOW

In this project I’m going to show you how to make a smart RBG lamp which can be easily controlled remotely using the ESP NOW protocol.

Version without remote control:
1) ESP32 x1
2) 128x32 OLED display x1
3) 470 ohm resistor x1
4) 20k potentiometers x3
5) Buttons x2
6) WS2812 LEDs (as much as you need)
7) 5V power supply x1

Remotely controlled version:
1) ESP32 x1
2) ESP8266 x1
3) 128x32 OLED display x1
4) 470 ohm resistors x2
5) 20k potentiometers x2
6) Buttons x2
7) WS2812 LEDs (as much as you need)
8) 5V power supplies x2”

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