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In this project we will keep it simple when it comes to wireless audio communication. Instead of trying to use an nRF24 or RF modules, we will go back to the old days in which they used AM radios. I will show you how such amplitude modulation works and along the way show you how to build a super simple AM transmitter and receiver. Let’s get started!
WARNING: Always check your local law if you want to transmit something with AM! Sending on certain frequencies and thus blocking other licensed transmitters can be illegal. So if you want to try it then make sure that the transmission power is super low. In my example the transmitter was only capable of sending over a distance of around 2-3m.

Here you can find a parts list:
- 555 Timer
- Resistors
- Capacitors
- NE5532 OpAmp
- Electret Mic
- Perfboard
- PCB Terminal
- XR2206 Function Generator
- TA7642 IC
- 100pF variable capacitor
- Enamelled copper wire”

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