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A digital clock completely built from scratch without any coding or microcontroller. Just by using only 74xx and 40xx series digital IC.

It’s pretty easy to build circuits with a microcontroller but we totally forget the tons of work that a microcontroller had to go through to complete a simple task(even for blinking an led). So, how hard would it be to make a digital clock completely from scratch? No coding and no microcontroller and to make it real HARDCORE how about build the circuit in a perf-board without using any printed circuit boards.

This is really a challenging project to do, not because of how the clock logic works but because of how we are going build the circuit with all these components together in a compact perf-board.

This project was inspired by this instructable (author: hp07) back in 2018, which would be insanely hard to build in a perf-board because of the number of connections and the components used. So, I did a bit of digging online to reduce the complexity but still make it fairly basic and difficult to build in a perf-board.”

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