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I have been designing and building a robot.
It got to the stage where it was time to do a head for it, but before I did the head I needed to design some Eyes for it using the Nokia screens found cheaply on eBay.
There was certain criteria I wanted this project to meet. One of the criteria was that I wanted to control the eyes via I2C (Two Wire).
This instruction is on how to make the prototype, before making the PCB you see above.

Some things needed are:
2 x Nokia Screens.
1 x PCF8574 I2C GPIO Expander.
1 x Breadboard with a selection of Connecting wires. (I recommend having an 830 version)
1 x Arduino setup, UNO or NANO.
2 x ribbon cable (FFC).
Some 2.54mm headers.
2 x 4 way Bi-Directional Logic Level Shifters
2 x 100nF Capacitors’ (104)
2 x 270 Ohm Resistors. (red, purple, brown) can be lower.”

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