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Raspberry Pi Pico Based Temperature Controller

Hi, everybody. Ok, I know there are so many temperature controllers with different software and hardware systems over the internet, but this can be interesting for you as I used raspberry pi pico as the central controller.
One of my friends has a refrigerated warehouse, and the controller used in the mentioned warehouse was broken. I told him that I would build you a controller. As I am a fan of C language and ARM-Cortex microcontrollers, At first, I decided to use STM32 for this purpose. By chance, I saw that I bought a raspberry pi pico a while ago, and I thought it would be fun if I use the raspberry pi to overcome this project. And Also, I can share it over the internet with you.
As the temperature in the warehouse does not fluctuate fast over time, I decided to use a thermocouple. The type of thermocouple that I used is K. for reading temperature from the thermocouple. I used MAX31855K from Maxim Integrated. Also, I used Alphanumeric LCD 16*2 as a display. The type of controller that I implanted on raspberry pi pico is an ON-OFF controller.
So with this intro, let’s dig into it.

- Raspberry pi pico
- MAX31855K
- LCD 16*2
- OMRON G3MB Series 5V SSR
- K-Type Thermocouple
- A custom PCB

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