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In this instructable, I will show you how to build Pi Pico Starter Shield a shield that will help you learn and make projects Pi Pico easier and faster. Let’s get started!

Here are the components that you will need to make Pi Pico Starter Shield:

1 x PCB Pi Pico Starter Kit (PCBWay)
1 x Raspberry Pi Pico board
1 x I2C Character LCD 16x2
1 x Motion sensor PIR AM312
1 x LDR (Photoresistor)
3 x LED 5mm (Red, Green, Yellow)
1 x RGB LED 8mm WS2812
1 x Active BUzzer
2 x Tact Switch 6x6mm
1 x Potentiometer 10K Ohm
3 x Resistor 330 Ohm
1 x Resistor 10K Ohm
4 x M3 10mm Set Spacer Screw
2 x Female Header 20 pin
1 x Male Header 4x20pin, pin, 4x3pin & 5pin
1 x Double Male Header 2 pin
1 x Slide Switch
2 x Jumper cap”

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