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Get started with seeed static human presence sensor

Well, this project is a by product. I wanted to recreate one of my projects buddy by replacing AK9753 - Human Presence Sensor with low cost 24GHz mmWave Sensor - Human Static Presence. When I was receive the sensor from Seeed, I wanted to quickly test it’s accuracy to evaluate if it will fit my use case.

Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the reading out of the box. Then I got in touch with Seeed engineers who recommended to make some adjustment to the sensor based on my room. With those changes, I got pretty good readings. Before I jump into my project, I thought it will help other makers if I document how I modified the sensor settings.

Hardware Connection
I found it difficult to test the reading through serial monitor output because I need to stay close to the sensor. So I decided to use NeoPixel stick with LEDs to visualize the reading from distance without looking at the serial monitor.”

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