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Simple CAN BUS Logger with PICO

With Raspberry PICO and a couple of CAN BUS interfaces it is possible to perform a simple can bus logger.

SG Electronic Systems was born as a support to the Open Hardware projects. Our experience allows us to support the Open Hardware team in the development of new electronic systems and in their distribution. We have a long experience in Fieldbus applications as: CAN BUS, RS-232, RS-422/485, Ethernet.

In this tutorial we explain how to program the Raspberry PICO as a double CAN BUS logger. The hardware setup is composed by Master Board (to send CAN BUS data) and Slave Board (for message recording). The Master Board is the official carrier CM4IO with a CM4 module and CAN BUS Shield. The Slave Board is the Raspberry Pico with an adapter for DUAL CAN BUS Shield.

The CM4IO requires a 12 V DC power supply, instead the PICO is powered from USB cable. On can side, the connection requires a a couple of wires for CAN High and CAN Low (CAN High is connected with CAN High, CAN Low is connected with CAN Low).”

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