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I shall be demonstrating how to levitate a banana.
Your first thought would be, “Why?”. How often do you see objects floating in thin air, and how often do you see a banana floating in thin air? Being able to levitate an object is impressive and can amuse your peers. You can learn a lot about electronics and gain practical knowledge from building this project(which is relatively easy to make),. Personally, I learned quite a lot from it.

Materials I Used:


- Soldering Supplies
- Suitable Power Supply(6v-12v)
- Multimeter
- Rotary tool
- Pliers, Wire Strippers, and Other Handheld Tools
- Insulation tape
- Two compound adhesive
- Super glue

The Circuit:-

- 10k Potentiometer x 1
- S49E Hall Effect Sensor x 1
- 2N2222A NPN Transistor x 1
- D2394 or TIP41C NPN Transistor with Heatsink x 1
- LM358 Dual Op Amp IC x 1
- 2200uf 25v Capacitor x 1
- 7805 Voltage Regulator x 1
- 1N4007 Diode x 1
- 1k Ohm Resistor x 1
- 220 Ohm Resistor X 2
- Perfboard
- Jumper wire
- 3-pin JST x 1
- 2-pin Terminal Connectors x 2


- 22 gauge enameled copper wire
- Solid iron core(1/2 inch diameter iron nut and bolt)

The Structure to Hold the Electromagnet

- A couple of Pieces of Wooden planks(I will specify dimensions later)
- Plastic enclosure for circuit 10cmx10cmx5cm(4”x4”x2”)”

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