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I have always wanted to have old-fashioned desktop clock, that looks like something from the movies of the 90’s, with pretty humble functionality: real-time clock, date, changing background light, beeper and an alarm option. So, I’ve come with an idea, to build one: A digital device, based on microcontroller with all the features I’ve mentioned above, and powered by USB - either PC or any mobile USB charger. Since I wanted to make it programmable, with menus and settings adjustment, MCU placement was inevitable in this project. ATMEGA328P IC (That every Arduino Uno board consists of) was chosen to be the “brain” of the circuit (Speaking of which, I just had plenty of them). Combining some electronic parts as RGB LED, trickle charge timekeeping chip and push-buttons, enabled the birth of the entire project - Programmable small-sized LED display desktop clock.
So, after we’ve covered the entity of the project, let’s build it!”

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