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The 603-200 is the first watch of a planed line of watches based on the same concept which is inspired by the Japanese TokyoFlash® brand ( We want to push the concept to a fully modern connected watch capable of establishing communication with your SmartPhone or any other IoT. This watch is an open source device. The customers and makers have access to all the documentation

• Kicad-Pcb® files to make correction or updates • Arduino IDE Sketches available from to update or modify the watch’s behaviour • Python code available from to update or modify the watch’s behaviour. You get access to hundreds of ESP32 code coming from the makers community. • Technical documentation to create new top side displays (sister boatrd) and design add-ons • 3D files for CNC and 3D printers for those willing to create enclosure/shells in various material

What the watch can do : The 603-200 Morphwatch® has been mainly design to produce exciting visual effects with its collertion of 192 leds. There are 4 circles of 603 size format SMD color leds.

• 1 external circle of 60 WHITE 603 leds for the seconds • 2 intermediate circles of PURPLE 603 Leds for the minutes • 1 internal circle of YELLOW 603 Leds for the hours

Each LED can be programmed independently with I2C libraries or through PYTHON Script. The user can be very creative with visual effects.

Now the visual effects put aside, the watch has much more to offer because it has a powerfull Espressif® ESP32 PICO D4 chip. Therefore, it is a complete connected modern watch which is capable of interaction with your smartphone through Bluetooth. Using your phone you can use the watch to communicate into a private MESH wireless digital network. You can ask your watch to vibrate when your phone if away (with Bluetooth) or very far away (with WIFI).

With 4 buttons, you can design your watch to trigger a relay, send an emergency email, send a vibration information to another watch and more….

With MESH ESPNow protocol, each watch can talk to another, sometimes over hundreds of meters : you can build your private long range messenging system outside cellular networks… You can switch your watch to be an access point, a web server so any one can connect to grab information (a watch business card concept…)”

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