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Hello and welcome to this guide! Today let’s see how we can turn an ordinary front door bell into a smart doorbell, so a doorbell that’s connected to our smart home ans so to our smartphone. This idea came from a problem: in my house the doorbell chime is in the electrical panel with the main switch. The electrical panel has its own door, and it is itself inside a cabinet. So if someone rings the doorbell it can be heard very little, and my idea was to get a notification on the phone when someone rings. This system is very useful for me also because I often build my projects in my garage, so with the notification on my phone I know if someone rings the doorbell while I’m in the garage. But now, let’s get started!

For this project we will need just two main components:
- An ESP8266 Wemos D1 board (or another ESP board)
- A microphone module for Arduino (shown in the picture)

To make the circuit more neat I used:
- A piece of perfboard
- A JST connector

- Soldering iron
- 3D printer with filament (optional)”

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