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Toshiba Releases Automotive 40V N-channel Power MOSFETs with New High Heat Dissipation Package that Supports Larger Currents for Automotive Equipment

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched automotive 40V N-channel power MOSFETs, “XPQR3004PB” and “XPQ1R004PB,” that use the new L-TOGL™ (Large Transistor Outline Gull-wing Leads) package and feature a high drain current rating with low On-resistance. Shipments start today.

In recent years, the transition to EVs has fueled demand for components adapted to the increased power consumption of automotive equipment. The new products use Toshiba’s new L-TOGL™ package, which supports large currents, low resistance, and high heat dissipation. The products do not have an internal post[1] structure, achieved by unifying the source connective part and outer leads with a copper clip. A multi-pin structure for the source leads decreases package resistance to about 30% that of the existing TO-220SM(W) package, pushing the drain current (DC) rating of XPQR3004PB to 400A—1.6 times higher than that of the current product[2]. Use of a thick copper frame has cut channel-to-case thermal impedance in XPQR3004PB to 50% that of the current product[2]. These features help larger current and lower the loss of automotive equipment.

With the new package technology, the new products will simplify heat dissipation design and lower the number of MOSFETs required in applications such as semiconductor relays and invertors for integrated starter generators that require large currents, and help to reduce equipment size. Assuming that multiple devices will be connected in parallel for applications requiring higher-current operation, Toshiba supports grouping shipment[3] for the new products, in which the gate threshold voltage is used for grouping. This allows designs using product groups with small characteristic variation.

Since automotive equipment is used in diverse temperature environments, the reliability of solder joints in surface mounting is a critical consideration. The new products use gull-wing leads that reduce mounting stress, improving the reliability of the solder joint.

- Automotive equipment: inverters, semiconductor relays, load switches, motor drives, etc.
- New package L-TOGL
- High drain current rating:
- XPQR3004PB : ID=400A
- XPQ1R004PB : ID=200A
- AEC-Q101 qualified
- Low On-resistance:
- XPQR3004PB : RDS(ON)=0.23mΩ (typ.) at VGS=10V
- XPQ1R004PB : RDS(ON)=0.8mΩ (typ.) at VGS=10V”

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