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Talking Wood / Pellet Stove High Temperature Sensor

This tutorial is for building a talking extreme heat temperature sensor! It measures up to 1300˚F and speaks warnings and info!

The Story
I have a great wood stove, but sometimes wood stoves can be dangerous; for example if they get too hot. You can buy a spring temperature sensor device that magnets to your wood stove, but they use a spring to tell the temperature, and are not very accurate. Also, over time, they can deteriorate!

So… I thought of building a Arduino temperature sensor for my wood stove. This would fix the temperature accuracy problem (as DFRobot’s temperature sensor is accurate within 2.5˚C!), but it would be great, if I could somehow be warned when my stove is getting too hot, so I can turn down the air valve.

I made a list of warning ideas; from a neopixel ring, to an obnoxious buzzer, but where is the fun in that. While looking around for ideas on DFRobot’s website, I came across their Fermion Voice Recorder Module; the answer to my problem! I could make a talking temperature sensor for my wood stove!

The Parts Used
Here is the list of parts that I used for this project:

- 1x DFRobot Beetle
- 1x DFRobot Fermion Voice Recorder
- 1x DFRobot 3W 8Ω Speaker
- 1x DFRobot RGB LCD
- 1x DFRobot High Temperature Sensor
- 1x DFRobot High Temperature Silicone 18AWG Wire

The 18AWG wire is optional; I had to use it to power my project as the power source is not very close to where I wanted to put it.

How it works
My concept is based off of DFRobot’s Gravity I2C High Temperature Sensor (K-Type, 800℃). This amazing sensor measures some insanely hot temperatures! With the converter module, it also comes with a high temperature thermocouple probe, and a metal cased wire, to prevent melting.

A DFRobot Beetle is the main brain for this project. It controls the LCD and reads the temperature over I2C. It also controls the playback of the Voice Recorder Module over software serial.”

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