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SuperMacro Photo With Cdrom/dvd Rail and Arduino

This project reuses a motor lane from a DVD or CDROM to be able to take macro photography with fairly high precision; 1.5cm approx 99 steps => 0.015cm x step or 15 microns. 5cm => 333 steps max Rings 49mm x 2 = 98mm (with the meter gives 11cm) … That would be 3:2 that is 1.5x . From here up to 10:1 (x10) bellows would be necessary.
I have used macro lenses (Nikkor 60mm F2.8 D Micro), microscope lens with adapter and B/W enlarger lens with extensions and/or bellows.It is also possible to use an inverted lens with its adapter to flip it.
“I have to say that this assembly has a drawback, what moves is the object to be photographed and not the camera, so it will have to be held tightly or it can move or fall.”

This is just an example of what I have used:

- Arduino UNO
- PCB and components
- Reflex or mirrorles camera (I used Nikon d7000), It has to allow working with lenses without information (manuals)
- Remote release cable for camera
- An old CDROM or DVD unit, with motor (SLED) that can be continuous with pulse detector or stepper
- For the stepper motor the recommended driver would be the DRV8825 (polulu)
- Camera centering bracket
- Bellows for your camera
- Microscope lens with adaptors:
- 4X Plan Achromatic Objective Lens with Knurled Ring
- Interface adapter ring for RMS microscope to M42 x0.75
- Lens Mount Adapter (Type 2), M42 Lens (42mm x 1 Thread Screw) to Nikon
- Or Magnifier lens (B/W Enlarger)
- For example Schneider Kreuznach Componar-C F2.8 50mm
- B/W enlarger lenses usually use Leica M39 thread,mount on the M42 adapter
- A table 45cm x30cm (even a kitchen one), some spacers and screws.
- This tiltable Z Flex tripod head was also useful to me
- Universal quick release plate
- A bubble level and a ruler also came in handy
- It will also be necessary to provide good lighting with lamps, flashes or flashlights and some reflectors, filters, etc.”

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