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Introducing Serial Studio, a dashboard software for serial port projects

Did you ever have the need to display data from a microcontroller on a dashboard, and spent more time developing (and fixing) your dashboard software, than actually working on your MCU project?

Well, I did, multiple times. Let me put you in context, I participate in several CanSat competition programs through KAAN SAT, a representative team at my university. A CanSat is “a simulation of a real satellite, integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drink can” (European Space Agency, more info). One of the main tasks in these competitions is to develop software for the ground station. The ground station software (GSS) receives telemetry from the CanSat in real time through a serial device (generally a XBee), displays it and exports it to a CSV/Excel file for post-mission analysis.

From the start, we developed the GSS with Qt to support multiple operating systems (in case that one of our computers experienced problems during the competition) and because Qt/QML is very convenient for developing eye-catching user interfaces.”

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