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Raspberry Pi Pico 200Khz Digital Oscilloscope

A Waveform analyzer, Signal generator and logic tester in a small PI PICO. With a dedicated application, Runs on Android.

Things needed for this projects:

1) Smart phone as display unit
2) Raspberry pi Pico
3) 1k, 100k resistors
4) Breadboard, jumper and usb wires
5) PCB and other soldering equipments* optional
6) OTG Jack

Features of Oscilloscope:
- 200Khz bandwidth
- 2-channel supported
- 500KS/s sampling rate
- Time/div: 5micro Second to 20 Sec
- Needs a very few components
- Accuracy: +-10%
- Onboard 1khz wave for testing
- Low power consumption
- USB Interface”

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