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DIY a Thermal Imaging Monitor

In this article, I will DIY a thermal imaging monitor using the ESP32-S2 parallel TFT touch screen and the MLX90640 Thermal imaging camera.

It has been a long time since I want to make a thermal imaging monitorin the epidemic for our office.But the array thermal sensor was once very expensive in 2020, as there are huge demandsin the COVID-19, that I have to pause my plan, and until recently, I have the chance to do this.Of course, it is good to buy one from the market, but the price is expensive, and actually not so good as my design. Open source both on hardware& firmware.

- The parallel TFT Touch based on ESP32-S2, with resolution 320*240:
The reason I use this touch is that:

1.) It has a much higher refresh rate than SPI display, check the comparison video at:

2.) Based on ESP32-S2, with WIFi, so it can directly transmit the data/result to the local network, for remote monitoring.

- And the MLX90640 Thermal imaging camera, which is I designed especially for this application.
- And a set of acrylic cases designed for this, with laser cutting”

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