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The inspiration for this project came initially from the Casio 92B, which was the recommended calculator for the humanities in Belgium and France. Unfortunately the 92B, except for its elegance, was not very impressive…
Having recently discovered the 92+ and its algorithmic mode just after high school, I was happy to see that “the” calculator that had been with me for six years was going to keep me busy for a while! …The only disappointment was of course that the 92+ has no internal memory. So I thought it would be interesting to create an external, detachable memory module to be able to save those long programs that become a heavy task to rewrite. Although this module can be compatible with any calculator (or any device with a matrix keyboard), it was primarily designed for the Casio FX-92+.

- 1x Arduino Nano
- 4x CD4066 Quad Bilateral Switch
- 5x push button
- 2x 10k ohm resistor”

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