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CapMeter - capacity meter from 10pF to 10mF

Capacity meter with automatic selection of the measurement range.

Capacity meter with automatic selection of the measurement range. It measures the charging and discharging times of the capacitor, and converts the measured values into capacitance.

The measured capacity is from 10pF to 10mF (10000uF).

A one-time meter calibration is required. For calibration, you need to turn on the meter with the calibration button pressed. Then connect the reference capacitors, the value of which is indicated on the display. The connection of each capacitor must be confirmed by pressing the calibration button. The values ​​of the reference capacitors can be changed in the “set calibration caps” section.

Information is output to an external display and to a serial port. Customize the code for the display you are using.

Warning! The capacitor must be completely discharged before measurement. Otherwise, the device may be damaged.”

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