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Hey, fellow makers! I welcome you to my first instructable about this Homemade wireless ESP32-CAM WiFi Surveillance Camera which we’re going to make today to monitor our home, environment, or perhaps to even spy on someone ;)
Even though decent commercial WiFi Security Cameras aren’t all super expensive, they still cost quite a bit especially when you’re wanting to buy several of them for your home security. In this instructable, you will learn how to make your own DIY Surveillance camera for cheap, under $15 depending on the supplies you may already have. This project will be based on the $9 ESP32-CAM AI thinker WiFi camera module, in my opinion, one of the best and cheapest camera development boards out there.
With this security camera, you can log into the web server by typing in its unique IP address into your web browser, and view what the camera sees along with being able to change things around on the side control panels. The camera with its current code can save recorded .MJPEG video files to an SD card when something/someone moves in front of the camera triggering it to start recording. The Security camera comes loaded with even more features which will be mentioned below.
So without taking up any more of your time, let’s prepare to make this CCTV cam!

- ESP32-CAM with OV2640 2MP camera sensor
- FTDI USB to Serial converter (for programming) + Female-to-female jumper wires
- 4GB MicroSD card (TF Card)
- Clip-on antenna
- TP4056 1-cell Li-Ion Charging module
- (x2) 18650 3.7V 2600mAh battery
- Mini SPDT sliding switch (3A toggle switch is recommended)
- Some 24-gauge electrical wire
- 3mm Red LED
- 220 Ohm resistor
- Cylindrical plastic container (choice of camera’s enclosure is optional)
- GoPro mount accessories (if you want your camera to be attached to a wall)”

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