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VaderCam 1.0

So here’s something eye-catching,Vader Cam.
Vader Cam is an ESP32 CAM Based Device that is a live video feed streaming device, we can access the feed through a web app and see what’s going on.
It’s like a Nanny Cam or surveillance Device that is themed after Darth Vader.
Darth Vader is keeping his eye on things, I made this device to use it for monitoring the 3D Print Job that is being done in another room but we can use this device to monitor all sorts of stuff, from nannies to kids or even pets.
This Instructables is about the whole built Process of this Vader Cam so let’s get started.

These are the stuff used in this built-

- Custom PCBs from Seeed Studio
- M7 Diode SMA
- UART Programmer
- USB Micro Port
- Header Pins for ESP32 Board
- Power Source - smartphone adaptor”

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