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A completely portable ESP32 Based Point and Shoot Camera setup that works, kinda works.

So the idea here was to take this very useful ESP32 CAM board and flash it with a sketch that lets us take an image and save it on the memory card.

kinda like a proper point-and-shoot camera but this setup won’t have any kind of display on it.

which is a bummer but it works.

these are the stuff that I used in this project:

ESP32 cam
Custom PCB (which were provided by PCBWAY)
Lithium Cell 3.7V
USB Micro Port
IP5306 Power management IC
10uF 0805 Capacitor
2R 0603 Resistance (I didn’t have the same package so I used 0805 Resistors)
SMD LEDs 0603
1uH inductor
Battery JST connectors
Female Header pins
Tick Tack switch
3D Printed body”

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