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ESP32 and Toit: Log sensor data to Google Sheet and emailing

An ESP32 board will read pres and temp from BMP280 sensor and log the readings to Google Sheets. Furthermore, we’ll also send email alerts.

The majority of IoT applications revolve around the use of sensors to automate practically anything. Be it a home automation system, a weather monitoring station, or even a remotely controlled water pump for agriculture. In such applications, sometimes it is required to have the sensor data logged in a way that can, later on, be easily interpreted. No matter which platform or database you collect your data in, most people usually export the data to a spreadsheet for further analysis. Google Sheets is one such widely used spreadsheet application that provides easy integration with Google Apps Script. It has an upper limit of 5 million rows. So if you are logging sensor data at an interval of 1 minute then Google Sheets will allow you to log data for 9 years!

In this article, we’ll be using an ESP32 Dev module that will log temperature and pressure readings from a BMP280 sensor to Google Sheets. The system will also send email alerts if the temperature is above a specified threshold. And to make the development quicker and easier, we’ll be using the Toit platform. Toit allows an ESP32 to work as a full computer and can handle multiple apps running on the same device with ease.”

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